"I am extremely grateful for the service you provide. I only wish I could go on for longer! It is an incredible thing to have experienced. The amount of help I’ve had within my sessions was just what I needed. My counsellor was amazing. Seriously, amazing! I couldn’t tell her how much she & her help has meant to me."


We are working hard to support all the people who contact us for counselling support as soon as possible.  However we are currently experiencing longer waiting times and facing greater demand for support.  At the moment, we are able to carry out initial telephone triage and face to face assessments (online or in our Centre) within 8 weeks after submission of your Registration Form.  Face to Face counselling is currently taking upto 8 months after initial contact.  We recognise that this is not at the speed or pace we would hope to offer support, but please bear with us as we work hard to support all of our clients in a fair and equitable way.


We are now able to offer clients the choice of online or Centre based counselling sessions. 

Who can access counselling?

We can offer you counselling if you are

  • a Sheffield resident, living in Sheffield at the time of your counselling sessions
  • registered with a G.P. practice (in Sheffield)
  • over 13 years old

We will NOT BE ABLE to offer you counselling if you are:

  • receiving any other counselling at the same time as you have your counselling sessions with SRASAC
  • living in an unsafe environment or experiencing ongoing trauma, for example domestic and/or sexual violence
  • a perpetrator or offender of violence or sexual abuse/violence

The first step to access counselling at SRASAC is to complete our Registration Form which asks for detailed personal and sensitive information about you and what has brought you to our service.  Please complete as much of this information as you can and submit.

We also ask you to include how best to contact you. It would help us to help you, if you list as many ways as possible that we can contact you. If you find it difficult to complete this form, please ask someone you can trust to help you, this may be a support worker or GP, friend, relative or partner.

When we receive your completed registration form back, we will contact you to arrange a brief telephone triage appointment which usually takes 10-15 minutes.  Following triage you will be invited to attend an online or Centre based pre-counselling assessment meeting which usually takes upto an hour and a half.  We aim to contact everyone within 2 weeks of you submitting the registration form. 

We do prioritise children and young people for counselling.

We may contact you before arranging an appointment to ask additional questions to help us understand whether we are the right service for you at this time. 

"Without this service, I would not have coped. Not only has this made a huge impact to my life but also to my husband and children. They now have the wife and mummy they deserve – thank you."

All information you provide on this registration form is confidential; this means it is kept safe and secure (see full data protection statement below) and will not be passed on to anyone or any other organisation, outside of SRASAC.  If you have any questions, or need help to complete this form contact us on our Information and Support Line on 07517 100 757 or call the office on 0114 241 2766

Data Protection Statement from SRASAC:

This data protection statement sets out how we’ll use your personal data. SRASAC will collect your personal data (which includes sensitive personal data) and process your personal data for the purposes of providing you with support.  The personal data collected on this form will be kept secure and confidential within SRASAC.  Your personal data will only be used as necessary for our legitimate interests in order to provide you with support and monitoring within SRASAC. 

This information will never be disclosed to any external sources without your express written consent or unless we have significant safeguarding concerns related to immediate risk to a child or vulnerable person (See SRASAC safeguarding policies in relation to this). 

SRASAC does share anonymised and unidentifiable information with funders in support of our work. By ticking the box below you are giving your consent for Sheffield Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre to hold the information given on this form about you.  Where Consent has been given you are free at any time to change your mind and withdraw your consent by contacting us at [email protected] .  Where consent has been withdrawn, SRASAC will delete any personal information we have stored.  SRASAC will retain your personal data only for as long as is necessary for the provision of support.   This statement is in accordance with

The Data Protection Act (DPA) 1998, incorporating the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679 

All information will remain within SRASAC.  This form should take no longer than 20 minutes to complete.  You may wish to take a break in-between completing the different sections.  All questions marked with an asterix * need to be answered.  If you need help to complete this form or would prefer us to send it through the post, please contact us on our Information and Support Line on 07517 100 757 or call the office on 0114 241 2766.  

Counselling Registration Form

"I’d been feeling very anxious and disempowered before starting counselling; feeling depressed, like I couldn’t impact my life/environment. I felt like a victim all the time. Counselling with SRASAC has really empowered me. I no longer feel like a ‘sitting duck’ waiting for bad things to happen to me."