"Before I started counselling I couldn’t function, starting and continuing counselling allowed me to be able to start to heal."

Counselling is very personal, and it is difficult to say how long it will take, some people attend a few sessions, others more. We offer up to short to medium term counselling; this will be discussed with you at your pre-counselling assessment appointment. It is important that you are able to attend regular weekly sessions, usually the same day and same time each week once your counselling starts.

The relationship you build with your Counsellor is often an important part of the process, offering you a safe, respectful, non-judgemental space to speak openly about the issues you are facing.

"Thank you does not really cover the gratitude I feel to SRASAC. I feel that I am on an ongoing journey. Counselling has given me the resources to deal with issues I had buried deeply for 62 years. I feel in a good place."

All of our Counsellors are professionally trained and members of a professional counselling body, for example The British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP). Once you start counselling, you will see the same Counsellor on the same day and at the same time each week. This time will be agreed with you before you start your sessions.

Due to COVID19 safety concerns we are currently offering online counselling through secure confidential online counselling rooms.  It is likely to be Spring or Summer 2021 at the earliest before we can routinely offer face to face sessions in our Centre space to everyone.  We will start by offering a small number of face to face sessions to clients who are unable to access our online sessions in January 2021.

We expect to continue to offer online counselling in the longer term to clients who may find it difficult to access our services face to face or who would prefer to access counselling in this way.

"Just thank you. It’s a simple word but the help that you have given me has been life changing for me. I feel I have been freed from a lot of thoughts/feelings/anxiety so thank you very much. I will miss coming but will do my best to continue the work on myself. I have cried lots of happy tears writing this."