"The Independent Sexual Violence Advisor support is an incredibly important service.  It fully supports and understands the process as well as the emotions.  I wouldn’t have been able to have come to terms with what happened, least of all accept ‘it wasn’t my fault’ my ISVA is an absolute star who has helped and supported me so much.  To be perfectly honest I don’t think I’d have finished Uni without her support and help.  Helping me when the police couldn’t."

The aim of the service is to help you cope with the impact of sexual violence, whether reported to the police or not and whenever it happened to you even if it was as a child.

We are independent from the Police, but our service includes supporting you through the criminal justice process should you chose to report.

For those that are considering reporting we know that the idea of talking to the police about what happened to you or giving evidence in court can be frightening and overwhelming, but we also know that survivors of sexual violence want and deserve justice. 

Our ISVA service is here to support you if you choose to report to the police and seek justice. Our ISVAs are specially trained to provide this support and will stay with you throughout your journey through the criminal justice system and beyond. Our ISVAs can help you to work out what you need to help you move forward from the experience and she will try and help you get the things you need to do that.

The ISVA service is about helping you to make informed choices, not about telling you what to do.  Our ISVAs are independent – this means we can offer impartial advice and information from a variety of sources.  We are here for you, to help you make well-informed decisions.

"Throughout my time with my ISVA I have felt supported but also accepted for being the person I am, the value of which is hard to put in to words because of the last 6 months which have been challenging in many ways but I always knew I would leave SRASAC with a smile and feeling more sure of myself."