Struggling with mental health is something most people do at some point during there life but struggle with me mental health after been assaulted one of the darkest places to be and often stays with them for the rest of there lives.

SRASAC provides 1:1 supports and councillors in Sheffield to anyone who needs it it's a charity very close to my heart. And without this life line it's hard to think of the position many women and men would be in.

One of my go too has always been walking to get out of my own head which I lost touch with over the last few years so from the 13th of February to 20th of July I will be attempting and successfully if i have my mind set on doing 500 miles

So if you want to come walk with me feel free also if you want to donate also feel free
I'll be posting updates as I go on my Facebook and Instagram got to be held accountable somewhere. :) Terri Stuart