Hi I’m Pegah and in April I will be running the Zurich half marathon and through this I hope to help the Sheffield rape and sexual abuse centre. I'm fundraising for SRASAC as the organization provides essential support to all survivors of sexual violence including the alarming number of children impacted by these traumatic experiences.

It's disheartening that such support is necessary, but the reality is that the number of children affected by sexual abuse is higher than many can imagine. The Sheffield Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre is on the front lines, offering a safe haven for these young survivors and providing them with the resources they need to heal.

I invite you to join me in supporting this crucial cause. Your contribution, whether through a donation or spreading awareness, can make a significant difference in the lives of these vulnerable individuals.Though it's heartbreaking that this support is needed, together, we can make a positive impact and create a community that stands against sexual abuse.

Thank you for considering this important cause.
-Pegah Pegah Bahrami