97% of women admit to being sexually harassed (UN Women UK) . Women continue to face hate crimes and sexism in their day – to – day life. With the recent upsurge of female – focused media, this issue is more pressing than ever. Education on safety surrounding sexual abuse is disproportionately focused on the victim and not the criminal. ‘Do not go out in the dark on your own’ they say, ‘wear bright clothes’ we are told, and yet 85,000 women aged 16 – 59 in England and Wales continue to experience sexual assault, rape or attempted rape each year (MoJ, ONS, Home office, 2013).

And so, I will be running/walking 85,000 metres (85km) in the following 4 weeks to represent each one of those women.

I am raising money for ‘Sheffield Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre (SRASAC)’, a local charity which offers a safe space for women who struggle to find one elsewhere, in hopes that one day society will change from victim blaming to educating and addressing the crime.
These women deserve support and safety.

SRASAC provides counselling by fully qualified specialists for survivors of sexual abuse and violence. A service that has been described as ‘invaluable’ and ‘life – saving’. It is so important that these crimes do not go unnoticed, every single person deserves a safe space to talk and independence without it costing their own safety. This charity allows survivors to feel empowered once more, so they feel confident that they will be able to text when they get home safely. Any donations will be greatly appreciated by myself, the charity and the survivors, whose story shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Louisa Wilkinson