"Put a man in a room full of women and he is excited. Put a women in a room full of men and she is terrified"

When I first heard the news about Sarah Everard, it really hit me hard. As a woman, I felt unsafe, neglected, disturbed and worried.
When I started to really think about it, I couldn't think of one woman in my life who had been lucky enough to not experience some kind of sexual harassment. The fact that 97% of women in the UK had experienced this, didn't even surprise me.
Unfortunately, in my 20 years existing, I have experienced men verbally, physically and mentally abusing me in a sexual way, both online and in person. I get anxiety thinking about my younger sister or what will happen when I have a daughter. Thoughts and worries I shouldn’t have to have.

The most scary thing about this is people's ignorance and silence. In March 2021, my social media was filled with women talking about sexual harassment, rape, abuse etc. I saw ONE male, that I knew personally, interact with posts that us women were sharing. The rest? Absolute silence.
And then, even scarier, men having an issue with women speaking about their experiences and making jokes. It made me realise we are and never will be safe.

Despite this, we are lucky enough to have many charities such as SRASAC to listen, help and support us. Even though not every victim feels comfortable enough to reach out, there are still organisations there for when and if we need them.

I will be jumping out of a plane at 15,000ft this autumn, in the hope I can spread awareness of SRASAC and raise enough money to help them support more individuals.

P.S. I am fully aware of sexual harassment towards those of different ages, genders, countries etc. However, I am speaking from a personal experience and it was hard to choose just one charity. I hope the money I raise can be used to help all those in need as well as make everyone feel more comfortable seeking help.

Holly Askey